ZUMBA® Dance Fitness Classes

Join ZUMBA® in the Grace Performance Hall!
Ditch the Workout – Join the Party
With Instructor Denette Myers-Beluch


Join Denette Every Tuesday at 7pm

Time: Tuesdays at 7pm to 8pm
Place: Grace Performance Hall at Grace Church in Haddonfield (click for directions)
Cost: $10 per class / Students: $5 per class (cash only, please)
Registration: No need to register in advance – just show up and be ready to move!
Contact: Denette Myers-Beluch, starlet108012@yahoo.com

What is Zumba?

  • A fun and energetic cardiovascular workout using Latin moves such as: salsa, cha cha and mambo as well as other favorite international music styles.
  • A great way to burn calories working at your own level (low impact or high intensity.)
  • A perfect way to sculpt your body naturally via dance partying your pounds away.


Dear ZUMBA enthusiasts,

Thank you for your interest in Zumba class at the Haddonfield Center and School for the Performing Arts. Please be sure to stick with your exercise goal and be proud of yourself for setting up your worthwhile plan. I am confident that you will soon see the benefits from this fitness activity at an affordable price.

Zumba participants yield results such as improved: physical body strength, emotional stress relief and powerful coordination skills. Challenging yourself, taking control, and burning fat lead you to better health and are causes to feel pleased. You’ll enjoy the satisfying energy of moving that is created from comfortable choreography and memorable music. When working out to various rhythmic dance influences surrounded by compassionate company, you’ll find yourself losing your worries.

I look forward to seeing you at my Zumba sessions. As a licensed instructor, I’m sent new hot materials with state-of-the-art movement information monthly. I practice very hard to give the best dance parties every time you attend. I’m passionate about professionally teaching you. I’m certain you will be energized by dancing with me; I’ve seen Zumba change lives daily creating fitter and happier individuals.

Peace be with you. Yours in Zumba love and fitness,

Denette Myers-Beluch
Member of the Zumba Instructor Network

Photo ©2017 Kat Benowitz

Denette Myers-Beluch, licensed ZUMBA instructor

The fun pictures above capture when I dance as a special guest instructor at the zspotevent Dance Party held right here in the Grace Performance Hall. I love dancing with my Zumba Adults, Kids, and Juniors at Mount Laurel YMCA and local after school programs. The facts that I have an extensive dance background, directed and choreographed high school musicals, teach dance to Beechwood School children and have obtained Zumba and CPR/AED certification requirements prove my capabilities and enthusiasm for this exciting activity. I’m a communications graduate from Temple Univ. Although I am also able to teach ballet, tap, modern jazz and ballroom dance, my passion is for Zumba because, as a trained member of the Zumba Instructor Network, I modify my teaching so newcomers, athletes, and experienced dancers alike can feel welcome in blended classes performing at whatever pace their health allows.

Having successfully directed and choreographed high school musicals for decades, I have vast experience being engaged in selecting popular music and dance moves to please the gamut from the talented to the novice. Tell me your favorite song and I’d be glad to choreograph it for you. Having had the opportunity to be a choreographer and featured dancer in the USO / Navy Exchange Entertainment Industry which enabled me to perform around the world for America’s military troops at home and overseas forces me to continue involving showmanship in my endeavors. When one starts to perform at a young age, he / she becomes a professional for life.