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Gina Georgiana, Voice and Piano Teacher

Gina Marie Georgiana is a vocalist, pianist and teacher. She has taught music for over 25 years to a diverse student base, including individuals with “special needs.” She has taught infants through senior citizens, and enjoys educating students to explore and develop musicality. With a classical background, she combines music theory in her instruction of any musical style and ability level. Gina is also a “Music Together” registered teacher, offering music classes to families and groups.

With an affinity for Musical Theater, Television and Film, Gina also coaches musicians and actors to prepare for upcoming musical auditions and shows. Along with song preparation, she also assists students in building confidence and presence on stage or camera, for a more successful audition or performance.

Gina received her Bachelors’ Degree from Temple University, and is continuing her education in the therapeutic benefits of music and Sound healing. Gina holds a number of certifications in Holistic Healing and Wellness practices, and incorporates this background and experience to provide a nurturing, positive environment for instruction and learning.

Gina’s teaching philosophy centers on each student’s personal needs, abilities and goals. She takes an individual approach with every student in private instruction. She wholeheartedly believes that the musical experience should be enjoyable as well as enriching. Teaching groups is all about the collective effort towards a cooperative goal, while assuring that everyone is learning and having fun!

Gina’s favorite motto is:

“It is never too late, or too soon to learn!”

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